“Flamenco Hoy! de Carlos Saura”
Director: Pierre ir François Lamoureux
USA, 2013, 100 min.

“Flamenco Hoy! de Carlos Saura”, the director’s first live production, is a spectacular showcase that challenges the audience to view and listen to flamenco with fresh eyes and ears. Tradition blends and clashes with modern currents. Flamenco is not just a form of dance or music; it is a lifestyle and art form on the move and in constant evolution. A new generation of performers, although respectful of tradition, also draws inspiration from other sources such as jazz, ballet and current influences. All the energy and visual drama of this project has been filmed by Pierre & François Lamoureux, Grammy and Emmy winning producers and directors, whose concerts films and music documentaries together with artists such as The Pretenders, Frank Zapa or Cirque du Soleil, have sold millions of copies and aired around the world. On this occasion they give us a 100 minutes piece in which is captured the magic, vibrancy, intensity and intimacy of this new way to see flamenco that Carlos Saura suggest us.