“Flamenco from the roots” („Flamenco de raiz“)
Director: Vicente Perez Herrero
Spain, 2011, 85 min.

The true flamenco narrated with two protagonist: a hidden flamenco singer, street cleaner in streets of Malaga. An authentic master of the real flamenco from the streets and roots. Rehearsals at AMOR DE DIOS, the most important flamenco dance workshop. A legendary place where had work many of the flamenco dancer masters. Flamenco from the Roots, reveals the spirit of the true flamenco behavior. Flamenco is more than a music, is a way of life.

A documentary about the anthropological roots of flamenco. Focus on feeling and being flamenco in all its forms, both personal and professional. Flamenco moving in the culture industry as it is done in the home environment. A documentary on flamenco arising in the streets and private parties. An approach to the living flamenco cante and singing to live; of dancers and those who dance.