“El amor brujo”
Director: Francisco Rovira Beleta
Spain, 1967, 102 min.

Bewitched Love (Spanish: El amor brujo) is a 1967 Spanish drama film directed by Francisco Rovira. Beleta and based on the eponymous ballet by Manuel de Falla. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It was also entered into the 5th Moscow International Film Festival.

Starring: Antonio Gades, La Polaca, Rafael de Cordoba, Morucha, Nuria Torray, Jose Manuel Martin, Fernando Sanchez Polack.

Candelas, the heroine of “Bewitched Love,” fears that her former lover, the evil Diego, is following her, even though she has seen him dead, killed in a fight. She has good reason to fear. Diego is not dead; he has dressed a body in his clothes and escaped to a hiding place from which he does pursue Candelas, hoping to win her back and take her away with him. He is opposed by Antonio, a shipyard worker, a good man, truly in love with Candelas. The drama of “Bewitched Love” develops mainly from the contest between Antonio’s gentle love and Diego’s bitter passion, with the tormented Candelas between them.