Director: Albertina Pisano
Spain, 2004, 37 min.

Bailaores – an award-winning Documentary directed by film-maker and dancer Albertina Pisano – is the intimate portrait of four outstanding artists of contemporary flamenco dance: Rafaela Carrasco, Israel Galvàn, Andrés Marìn and Belén Maya. Each with his own peculiar style, they all share the same artistic necessity: to break the boundaries of flamenco dance and make it a universal art form. They all refuse the commercialization and standardisation of their art and claim for a flamenco that is non-sensational, true, in which personal innovation stands along with the respect for a deep-rooted tradition.Flamenco, born as a musical syncretism, beyond being an art, still is a complex cultural system. “The expression of our moaning”, for Andrés; “The dance of the unknown”, for Israel. The documentary is an ideal dialogue among the four about the sense of their artistic quest, their life, their creativity.