The 1st Flamenco film festival in Lithuania

The 1st film festival dedicated to an extraordinary pearl of spanish culture – Flamenco – starts in Vilnius, cinema boutique “Pasaka” on 12-15 of February. Later on festival continues in Kaunas, Klaipėda, Anykščiai, Šiauliai and Panevėžys.

The goal of Flamenco film festival is to arouse curiosity of both flamenco lovers and whose interested in it and to satisfy curiosity by films showing the heritage of this ancient art, revealing its origins, as well as flamenco change its current form, flamenco of these days, behind the scenes life of professional flamenco artists. Films will provide answers to many questions which may be of interest.

The festival program is very rich: eight premieres – to the audience of Lithuania so far not shown films and documentaries about flamenco, its history and culture, past and present famous dancers, backstage preparation for performances, and challenging work in rehearsal halls.

The organizers create a special opportunity for the audience to experience flamenco ability to go together with the Lithuanian folklore – the special program of the film festival is an exclusive art performance “Sutartines meets Flamenco” directed by actress, singer, teacher of Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy Brigita Bublytė.

Flamenco is a result of cultural process. Its creators – ancient romanies, while traveling from India, shaped this art with an influence of ancient cultures: Sephardic, Christians, Arabs, Africans and native Spanish in Andalusia. Meanwhile, the Lithuanians are derived from ancient India, lithuanian language is closely related to Sanskrit, and the historical bonds between flamenco and sutartines is obvious. Original art performance “Sutartines meets Flamenco” combines ancient Lithuanian and Spanish heritage, highlights the melodies and vocal, movements and lyrical parallels, but at the same time connects, seemingly so different, these two cultures.

Lithuanian Sutartines and Spanish Flamenco were Inscribed in 2010 on UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The 1st Flamenco film festival is organized by VšĮ „Degančios idėjos”.
Festival director Dovilė Dragelytė  |  +370 687 85454  |